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We offer a very competitive price structure to our customers. Our main focus is to supply locally manufactured scaffolding at affordable prices. We have been supplying many of the well known scaffolding hiring, construction, painting and maintenance companies as well as to the public, for around the house.

Stock Choice is thankful to our customers for their most valued support which continues to grow every day. Therefore we have implemented two main discount programs which allows a customers to save money throughout the year.

The first program is a price match promotion. Should you feel that our prices are not competitive and you receive a better price from one of your other scaffolding suppliers we will gladly renegotiate our prices with you in order to keep our clients satisfied.

Our second program is a monthly product discount. We believe that often customers try to take a cheaper option and this leads to an unsafe working environment for your employees. Therefore having discount promotions all year round will help you to increase your scaffolding stock levels without compensating on the quality of material.

Our sales department specialises in Kwikstage, Formwork and Self Lock Scaffolding Systems. We also supply all of the necessary scaffolding components, such as swivel couplers, band and plate sets, clips and wedges (for economy panels), to name a few.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation on your scaffolding requirement or any other general enquiry regarding our products.

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We offer hiring services to those customers who feel purchasing would not be a benefit as they only require scaffolding for a short period of time and feel that it would not be necessary to purchase the equipment. We have joined forces with one of the largest scaffolding hiring companies in South Africa to assist us with the hiring scaffolding requirements of our customers.

Hiring is not our main focus point, however we do offer the facility, as we feel that after hiring equipment over a period of time, although it may have assisted in completing your current project it does absolutely nothing for your company in the up and coming projects. Our preferred choice is to sell you the product and add to your assets, as this is the reason some companies move forward in the future and some remain at the same point.

Afterall, if you put some deep thought into it, should you have owned the scaffolding you would have had more gross profit on the current project as you would have done away with the hiring cost.

Although these are our thoughts customers will still find a time where it is not beneficiary to purchase the scaffolding and should this be your situation, we are still here to assist you with your scaffolding needs.





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Safety on site is of utmost importance to us at Stock Choice. Which is why we have worked towards offering our clients not only the highest grade of scaffolding material, but the correct safety wear to be used onsite as well.

Due to our main goal of keeping all of our clients working environments safe we have joined forces with one of South Africas most skillfull erecting companies to assist us with ensuring any scaffolding erected on site is done so in the safest manner. Scaffolding is a product which when erected incorrectly may lead to fatal injuries to staff members on site. By using us we will ensure that all staff members and others on site will have a safe working environment and all of the correct safety procedures have taken place.

Should you require assistance in erecting scaffolding on your site please do not hesitate to contact us.








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    Hiring Software that deals with Plant Hire and Scaffolding Hire is very difficult to find in the South African market. We at Stock Choice have recruited Software Developers to develop software to suit our specific requirements which allow for the Plant and Scaffolding Industries. The Hiring Software allows you to take full control of all your hiring requirements.

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  • Safety +

    Stock Choice has a sister company of which supplies a full range of safety and corporate wear. The trading name of this company is Koogr. The safety wear range covers all safety wear items such as hard hats, goggles, ear plugs, safety harnesses, overalls, safety boots and many more.

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  • Training +

    We at Stock Choice believe that our customers safety is of utmost importance to us. Which is why we have incorporated Safety wear products as well as Training Facilities. All Scaffold Training is carried out through CETA accredited members. Ensuring you the ability to create a safe work environment for your staff when working at heights.

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  • Calculators +

    We at Stock Choice have designed Scaffolding Calculators to make it easier for our clients to estimate the amount of Scaffolding required when purchasing or hiring scaffolding. The information retrieved from these calculators are estimated values and the only way to have a complete quantity list will be to make use of detailed drawings.

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